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Feminism and Sexuality Bundle


Bundles are thematically curated zines that cost less when you buy them together. The Feminism and Sexuality Bundle brings together The forgotten art of fucking, Fucking Crazy, and The eyes looking back. The zines are hard copy and sent in the mail.

Fucking Crazy:
Fucking Crazy is a collection of essays on complex trauma, surviving sexual violence, and living my best slut life. Exploring the intersections of disabled embodiment and queer desire, these essays consider bdsm, masochism, sexting, anal sex, the erotics of psoriasis, polyamory, and group sex, in the context of complex ptsd. Staying with ambivalence, the essays hold space for unbearable pain, and the complex emotional experience of living with the impacts of sexual violence. Pain and pleasure, desire and fear, confusion and clarity, hope and despair, are all mixed in with hot fucking sex. With a beautiful risograph cover, this zine is a celebration of the transformative work of healing from sexual trauma.

The forgotten art of fucking:
This zine is a collection of three essays on abandoning the contractual model of consent (“verbal, sober, enthusiastic, and ongoing”) in favour of attunement, shared responsibility, mixed styles of communication, valuing the erotic, and recognizing the inherent risk in sexuality. Consent for people's real sex lives where we don't sound like robots. For all sexual orientations and genders.

The eyes looking back :
The eyes looking back is a collection of essays on feminism, anger, boundaries, and grief. Wide ranging in their inquiries, these essays touch on the subtle sexism of self-proclaimed feminist men, the difficulty of expressing desire and setting boundaries in the aftermath of childhood trauma, the psychiatrization of trauma and the junk science of the DSM, the experience of sexual assault through negligence rather than malicious intent, and the grief and pain of constrictive gender roles, heteronormativity, and objectification. These essays are compassionate and curious while insisting on the importance of anger and the necessity of telling the truth.