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Bisexual Bundle


Bundles are thematically curated zines that cost less when you buy them together. The Bisexual Bundle brings together Bisexual Girls With Baggage and Fucking Girls. The zines are hard copy and sent in the mail.

Bisexual Girls With Baggage:
So much writing on bisexual women focuses on the ‘not queer enough’ narrative, demanding queer legitimacy for bisexual women but offering little in the way of instruction for embracing queer desire. The reality is that a loooooot of bisexual women are caught in a complicated web of factors that makes accessing the hot gay dating and sex life they want really really hard. This zine gets down into the specifics: What the hell is orbiting? Why won’t anyone make a move? Why, if I’m really queer, am I so stressed out and not turned on? Why is dating men easier? What if I don’t know what I’m doing? How do I know if she likes me? How do I make sure I’m not being a creep? Going way beyond the 101 level of ‘are bi women actually queer?’ (yes they are!) this zines gets into juicy details of common bisexual experiences, how to get out of unhelpful patterns, and how to create the hot queer experience your bisexual heart is longing for. You don’t need to check your bisexuality at the door.

This zine is for anyone who relates to the described experience whether or not they personally use the words ‘bi’ or ‘woman.’

Fucking Girls:
Fucking Girls is a collection of writing about dyke desire, bisexual anxiety, and asking if a cute girl wants to kiss you. It's graphic sex scenes and reflections on feelings. It's about scissoring, eating pussy, sucking cock, bdsm, fucking, and flirting. It's a one handed read for perverted dykes who don't want to feel ashamed of their queer desire anymore, and it's a container that holds space for all the shame and anxiety we do feel due to compulsory heteronormativity, homophobia, biphobia, and sexual trauma. This writing appears in other places and is presented here as a thematic collection for bisexual dykes and those who share similar feelings.

The zines are hard copy and sent in the mail.