The Twelve Steps and the Tarot (Digital)


This is a digital file, sent as a pdf.

The Twelve Steps and the Tarot is a $4 23 page digital zine exploring the Twelve Steps through the lens of the Tarot. The Twelve Steps are a set of spiritual practices used in recovery from addictions and other issues that people struggle with. Using twelve Major Arcana cards this digital zine explores the nuances of each Step. A combination of Tarot interpretation and Step interpretation, digital zine also includes references to read more on both the Tarot and the Steps. This digital zine is not affiliated with any particular Twelve Step fellowship and can be used by anyone with an interest in the Steps.

From the introduction: “As a witch who attends Twelve Step programs, I have found ways to make Twelve Step recovery work for me. The experience described above was an awakening for me. It showed me I was not alone. I also heard my first sponsor reciting a reading from the “Big Book” under her breath at a meeting, changing the pronoun for God: “God could and would if She were sought.” These moments helped me to see that I really could have my own conception of a Higher Power and that there was nothing contradictory about practicing Twelve Steps and practicing magic. In fact, I have come to see the Twelve Steps as powerful magic.”