riverbed (zine)


I’ve been here before and I’ll be here again. Ghosts of who I used to be join me in this writing. Old ways of writing take up new themes / new ways of writing take up old themes. I approach middle age with relish: power and steadiness, trusting who I am. Love in depth and texture. Love that shakes me in revelation each time I notice, again and again. Responsibility as freedom and adventure. My plan to become a mother. Being who I am now, and being who I’ve always been. Becoming who I’m becoming. Aging but not outgrowing the perzine form. This cauldron of words has always shown me who I am. Rejecting the cult of youth and embracing what’s behind the curtain (the whole world). Reviewing old lessons. Showing what I’ve learned. Riverbed, a place to return to. A new zine series. An old practice.