Trauma Informed Polyamory (Zine)


This is a hard copy, sent in the mail. For the digital version click here.

Lots of people who want polyamory also feel like they are going to die from the intensity of their emotional reaction to polyamory. This zine is a resource for those of us who don’t find sitting with our feelings and waiting for them to pass easy, for those of us filled with regret and stress about repeated conflict with our partners, and for those of us whose experience of jealousy feels like a confrontation with death itself. Starting with the basics for integrating knowledge and skills around trauma and attachment into our practice of polyamory, this zine goes further into the underworld journey of facing our deepest fears and learning to love with open hands. Not for the faint of heart, this work is for brave souls who want to find a way to love in their chosen relationship style despite finding it extremely fucking hard. There is no condescension, shaming, or finger wagging here. You are invited just as fucking crazy as you are.