The Stuck Places are Portals (One on One Sessions)

$50.00 - $150.00

Books open for April.

One on one generative conversations with me on areas of your life where you feel stuck. Once you purchase your session you will receive a link through which you can schedule your spot. Available times may vary and spots may not be available for a few weeks or more, but you will have access to the first available spot once you've booked.

What these sessions are not: a quick fix, a replacement for therapy, an ongoing supportive relationship.

What these sessions are: a generative hour long conversation to discuss an area of your life that you want help shifting, a space for creating next steps and new beginnings, a compassionate space of witnessing and attention, an opportunity to access a new perspective, and a way to connect to further resources.

Areas where I hold a lot of experience and knowledge: trauma recovery, nervous system work, attachment theory, relationships, stressful dynamics within partnerships, polyamory, sexuality, finding your purpose / life calling, making big changes, creative practice, self-employment, cancel culture and the aftermath of you or a loved one being cancelled, integrity, responsibility, recovering from people pleasing, growing into your personal sovereignty, cracking open shame, and the sacred practice of boundaries. I am also willing to bring my knowledge and attention to whatever you bring to discuss.

If you have wanted the opportunity for an extended conversation with me about something going on in your life, now is your chance.